Grant Award Impact (2021)

The Hellenic Foundation seeks content from previous Grant Recipients to raise the awareness of your program or initiative and how it benefits the Greek – American community through the financial support of the Hellenic Foundation’s Grant Program. We aim to communicate the ‘Impact’ that the Hellenic Foundation’s Grant Recipients are making within our community through the Hellenic Foundation’s channels (ex. social media, grant awards, email, etc.).
  • Organization Information

  • Include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn so we can tag your organization. If not on social media, just write "N/A".
  • Grant Impact and/or Announcement

    Please describe the impact the Grant Award has had with your initiative and/or upcoming announcements. *Please note: Content requests can't always be honored.
  • Include mission statement, vision, and purpose.
  • What were you able to accomplish with the grant award? What impact did your program have on the community? If the program or initiative hasn't started yet, please state when.
  • Are there upcoming deadlines or announcements we can help communicate to help your program or initiative grow? Be as descriptive as possible and provide links.
  • High resolution photos preferred.