Hellenic Foundation’s Homecare Aide Treats Clients Like Family

The Hellenic Foundation’s In-Home Care Program allows seniors to remain in their homes and retain a quality of life and independence and delaying or eliminating the need to transition to a nursing home. We are proud of the vigilant efforts from our staff for their compliance with the new COVID-19 procedures and want to highlight our remarkable homecare aides and give you a behind-the-scenes look into their dedication to our In-Home Care Program. 

Theodora Giannakas has been working with the Hellenic Foundation as a homecare aide since 2012. Originally from Piraeus and migrated to the United States in 1978, she discovered the Hellenic Foundation, looking for a position to give back to the community. Nine years later, they have become her family, where she dedicates her time, devotion, and love for her community. 

Theodora has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic gracefully, accommodating her clients with the utmost patience and carefulness with her interactions. “I love giving to people,” she expressed. She always has a mask and gloves on during her visits and still maintains her safety procedures outside of visiting her clients to ensure her health. Her main priority has always been and will be the safety of her clients. Her mother’s encouragement to share her kindness has motivated her to persist in these difficult times.

“Giving love. Lots of love”, is Theodora’s motto to lift the spirits and positivity of her clients. She treats her clients like family, giving them the utmost attention and love. Theodora wholeheartedly explains that she isn’t working for the paycheck but that she enters homes as a human being with all that love and assistance her clients deserve. Her payment is the “good words” that come from the elders she cares for, providing her with fulfillment and purpose in her job. 

“I have an elder woman client for eight months. She never could remember my name! She would say, “When you come over, you give me life, and when you leave, I feel like I’m dying without you,” Theodora explained.  

The Hellenic Foundation’s In-Home Care Program’s mission is to provide the utmost care and treatment to our clients. Our homecare aide’s priority is to maintain their elders’ dignity and remind them they are needed for their compassion, stories, and smiles. They treat elders like family, not like strangers, giving them support and gaining their trust. COVID-19 won’t disappear, and neither will the passion provided from our works to elders in need. 

About Our Private In-Home Care Services

To learn more about the Hellenic Foundation’s Private In-Home Care Services and how to apply for your loved one to receive our care, please visit our homepage here: www.hellenicfoundation.org/private-in-home-services

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