Private-Pay Senior In-Home Services

Are you looking for care for yourself or a loved one? Our dedicated Homecare Aides will help relieve the stress so you will have peace of mind. Call Hellenic Foundation for a complimentary in-home assessment conducted by one of our experienced Supervisors.

Hellenic Foundation Homecare Aides, specially trained and supervised, provide private-pay, general non-medical support senior citizens.

The Homecare Aide services provided are determined by the Plan of Care that is individually created during our initial in-home care assessment to meet the needs of each person receiving care.

Even when you are close to a senior family member, it can be difficult to know their specific needs. And in some cases, they might be apprehensive to mention their more personal needs. Hellenic Foundation In-Home Service Supervisors will conduct an assessment that can help you survey your options. Together, you can discuss your loved one’s needs and our services to determine what is best for your entire family.

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Private In-Home Services at Hellenic Foundation

Our Assessment Will Cover:

  • Your family’s specific goals
  • Your loved one’s daily plan design and schedule
  • Pricing and payment methods
  • Implementation process
  • Ongoing communication and follow-up plan

Private – Pay Services

  • Contact Hellenic Foundation: 773-631-5222.
  • Hellenic Foundation is licensed through the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • Any senior over 60 years old who requires assistance in their home.
  • Resident of Cook County.
  • Senior/family and Hellenic Foundation staff will identify the client’s needed services and create a specific Plan of Care and schedule to address those needs.
  • Participant or their responsible party will sign a Client Agreement, per IDPH policy to include terms, hourly pay rate and deposit.
  • In Home Services are paid privately to the Hellenic Foundation.

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If your loved one is living alone and your visits are limited, social interaction becomes very important to their happiness and helps prevent feelings of isolation and depression. Whether they need a little fun or maybe just help keeping house and running errands, we have you covered with home care activities such as:

  • Caring companionship and conversation
  • Help with hobbies (scrapbooking, games, gardening, sports, news)
  • General shopping and errands
  • Escort to appointments
  • Personal Care: helping your loved ones with more intimate, non-medical care needs. Whether it is for normal aging challenges, hospital recovery or sickness, we are here to make everyday life easier and more manageable. Our experienced homecare aides are specifically trained to handle these tasks, and our supervisors will be closely involved to conduct periodic assessments to survey your loved one’s care.
  • Personal hygiene assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Diet monitoring and meal planning
  • Walking assistance

In an effort to minimize the anxieties that accompany the changes of life, the Hellenic Foundation provides our Greek clients who speak limited English with Greek-speaking homecare aides. The ability to communicate in Greek has proven to provide comfort to clients who prefer speaking in their native language, thus avoiding a potentially stressful concern. In addition, the presence of a bi-lingual home aide plays an important role in ensuring that the needs of the client are properly addressed in times of emergency or sickness.

To learn more about our services or to speak with In-Home Services Supervisor about your loved one’s unique needs, please contact us today by calling us at (773) 631-5222 or by filling out the form below:

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